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Introduce yourself to the vegan bootcamp community here and tell us a little about yourself and your journey!
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Khethi Sibiya
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New Vegan here from Joburg, South Africa
I recently decided to go vegan for ethical reasons but I just realized how so many of my snacks have animal products in them, I'm not quite sure what to do here 😅 please help
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Elise Vanhees
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Personally, I had "goodbye" meals. Where I ate a non-vegan item for the last time. (Usually the realization of the suffering behind the item, took the enjoyment away. So then there was nothing left to miss.)
Other ways are, of course, to find substitutes. They might be even better, or they might take some getting used to.

Importantly, don't be too hard on yourself! You're clearly making the steps in the right direction. So don't give up just because you couldn't resist a bite one day.

Hope this helps~
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Charity Ward
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I too am a new Vegan. I am starting out slowly and replacing more and more meals/snacks with Vegan/Plant-Based ones.

I am also doing it for ethical reasons as well as helping my families health.

One step at a time is how I am looking at it. I found an awesome app that helps save my recipes, meal planner, grocery list, and sends to my Walmart shopping list so that is helping.

I sign a ton of petitions and research the atrocious actions against animals and that helps me stay on track.

We can do this! For the animals who deserve better!
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Nicole Simon
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I thought of doing a goodby meal but after watching Dominion I just can't even look at any animal products. It's filled out some snacks but I have substituted heaps by buying a dehydrator and dehydrating anything I can lol. I love kale chips in cashew dip. I season the kale with nutritional yeast, sea salt and a bit of cayenne pepper and they're soooo good. Our local supermarket has vege chips on special ATM so best believe I stocked up on them. Nuts are one of my faves too. I get a box of fresh local produce delivered each Saturday morning to make sure I always have fruit and veg.
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What are your snacks? There are usually replacements :) that are cruelty free
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I'm also a new vegan! Check out the organic section of your local grocery store, they have tons of vegan options! For example, Stop and shop, shop rite, and whole foods near each have an organic area, (except almost all of WF is organic lol), and majority of the snacks like cookies end up being vegan
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What kind of snacks do you like ?
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Valerie Shepard
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Also, remember there is a world of new snacks out there waiting for you! When I went vegan, I didn't use to eat 85% of the things I do now!
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