Hi I'm myra

Introduce yourself to the vegan bootcamp community here and tell us a little about yourself and your journey!
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Hi I'm Myra. I saw dominion and know that my taste pleasure is not as important as eliminating animal suffering and saving the planet. I have a dog named Dory who I love very much and would throw up at the idea of eating and realize that cows and pigs are no different than dogs. They have feelings just like dogs do. I look forward to getting help. I have been eating meat since I was 6 months old but it is never too late to make a change. I had my first vegan meal today of vegetable soup in a bread bowl and it was delicious. Also more about me: I am a goth kid and a gamer. I like to collect stuffed animals and toys. I have mild autism and my special interests are Pokemon, animals, and everything spooky. I have started many environmental clubs throughout my school career and have been eco conscious since second grade. My favorite animals are hairy vampire bats, white winged vampire bats, spectral bats, and the cutest animal on earth -the Honduran white bat. I also am a wiccan and my core tenet is not to harm others so veganism is the natural conclusion. I hope I am accepted here ...
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Welcome, Myra! I had to look up the Honduran white bats, they are super cute 😍
I hope you find the courses here helpful on your vegan journey. Let us know if you ever need anything!
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Hi Myra, nice to meet you.
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