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Introduce yourself to the vegan bootcamp community here and tell us a little about yourself and your journey!
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Crystal Fewtrell
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Course: Kids
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:blush-face: Hello, Everybody! My name is Crystal and I had been inspired by John Robbin's Diet For A New America to make the change to a plant-based diet. I considered myself an unhealthy Pescatarian for nearly all of my 20s (very rarely eating fish though). For the most part, I subsisted on a diet of cheese, bread, chocolate, and wine. :grinning-smiling:
Then, after having kids, I decided to go the omnivorous route, making the decision to be on the same dietary page as my family to keep things simple, trading my compassionate dietary habits for the sake of keeping peace in my family. In 2012, after watching Forks Over Knives, I was inspired to go vegan. Then, I got pregnant with my son and my healthy cooking habits waned as I was facing pregnancy fatigue, and I started to crave animal protein. I gave into that craving and wasn't really interested in going back to my vegan ways as I felt like a failure. Then, in 2021, I realized how silly I was for my lack of persistence. Perfectionism and black and white thinking got me nowhere. So, now, I consider myself a vegan flexitarian as I will try to eat compassionately and sustainably as often as possible and try to correct myself more compassionately if I mess up. I started meditating more in 2022, and found myself not as interested in things I used to enjoy such as meat and alcohol. This year, I serve as Sustainability Chair at my child's elementary school and I wanted to lead by example. And, while it is difficult being the only vegan in the family, I hope my example of kindness spreads to others. Wishing you all success, health, and happiness with your compassionate lifestyles. :face-kiss-flirt:
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Liam Gentile
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Hi Crystal, welcome! And thank you for sharing your journey. We hope these courses may help you go Vegan for good! :grinning-face:
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