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Introduce yourself to the vegan bootcamp community here and tell us a little about yourself and your journey!
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Salutations! My name is Lee, and I'm very new to this whole thing. I grew up on a farm, and the way the animals were treated always struck me as barbaric. We fed them and everything, it's just that when they sent them off to the neighboring farm to be impregnated... that really creeped me out as a kid. Then having my whole family joke about how they were going to send them off to be slaughtered was just absolutely vile. These are living, breathing creatures who clearly have minds of their own, why else would they need to be kept in with all the barbed wire and electrical tape-fences?
In addition to this, I've been lactose intolerant much of my life, so I've already kind of been eliminating animal products already.
I'm excited to begin, to make as much of a positive difference as I can. Even if it's just a little bit, it's MY bit, y'know?
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Hey Lee, glad you've joined Vegan Bootcamp. Thanks for sharing your personal story! It's not unheard of for people who grow up on farms to go Vegan and even to become activists, but it definitely shows remarkable compassion to see past the norms our family and society impose on us. I thought this story might intrigue you:

Renee is a former "cattle rancher" who transitioned her property to a sanctuary after going Vegan. She runs an organisation that offers transition models for farmers tied up in non-human animal exploitation.
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