Hello, I am Mazen!

Introduce yourself to the vegan bootcamp community here and tell us a little about yourself and your journey!
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Mazen Gharzeddine
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Hello Vegan Boot Camp community! I joined this online forum today and look forward to exchanging information/knowledge, suggestions and tips (and yes, recipes!). Hopefully it will help some of us (including myself) to stay motivated and energized to maintain a Whole-Food-Plant-Based lifestyle for the long haul!

Let me share just three quick points by way of introduction:

(1) I have looked at the facts closely, I am convinced about the health and environmental benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle, and about its strong ethical foundations;

(2) Our external environment is, however, very challenging for some of us to ‘ walk the talk’ on WFPB. Family, friends, communities, society as a whole: either temptations are constantly thrust upon us, or we can feel somehow ‘on our own’ or, to some extent, ‘isolated’ from larger social circles, sometimes;

(3) If points 1 and 2 resonate with you, please let me know, as I would like to exchange tips and suggestions on to ‘ remain disciplined’ and ‘stay on track’ as much as possible!
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