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Patricia Strawson
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Hello, my name is Patricia. I haven't been vegan for very long but easily settling in to this new lifestyle. :angel-face:
The question I would like to ask is, although you may have personally decided to go vegan or plant based, being a pet owner, did you decide to feed your pets a meat free diet also? Was this an easy change to their way of eating for them?
Pets are rarely mentioned, if at all, when people change to a meat free lifestyle and I think they are just as important so, that animal cruelty doesn't just stop on our plates.
Any thoughts?
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Hello and welcome to your vegan journey! After doing some research, it's best if cats do not go vegan as they are biologically meant to be carnivores. Dogs on the other hand come from wolves who are known to eat plants and animals which is why dogs can eat raw meat with little worry about e.coli for example. I've heard dogs doing okay on a vegan diet but it's completely unnatural for them to do so.

Hope this helps and happy learning!
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It depends, really. Dogs are omivores, so they can eat plant-based dog food, but you should be very careful about that, because they can then easily be malnutritioned, or get sick. Cats, however, are complete carnivores, they can only eat meat. Hopes this helps, Bye 😘
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