Looking for Feedback!

You can use these forums to talk about anything other then vegan bootcamp! For example.. math... and... the weather?
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Emily Brewer
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Hi Everyone! :face-outlined-relaxed:

It's that time again, we are looking for your feedback! We would love to know how you are enjoying Vegan Bootcamp (VB).
Please tell us what you love about VB, what you don't love, and if you have any suggestions. We want to ensure that VB is the best it can be!

We're looking forward to reading your replies :cow: :rooster: :chick: :rabbit: :pig-face:
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Quickly you have answered...
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Dylan Tomas
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This is so eye opening and helpful! I am on the right path to cleaning my household from animal products and I thank you!
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Megan Lowder
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I feel like having some better sources on many of the things you talk about would be great. I would rather be taken to a HuffPost CNN or even Fox News article over a PETA one. The information is great but there is a lot of doubt that creeps in when these aren't trusted or verified sources. I mean PETA came out against Animal Crossing for Zeus's sake.

It feel like it is a circle jerk of information and that 90% of this is from self quoting sources. I wouldn't trust news that did that I for sure won't trust info from here that does that.

I honestly really want to go vegan for my health and environmental concerns but that is a big turn off from your movement. I also under stand where you are coming from with pets but that honestly almost made me click out and say screw it not worth if I have to deal with people who think I'm the devil for having dogs. I would save some of those judgey posts about wanting to take peoples dogs away for later in the program. You WANT people to stick to this and learn (no matter if their reasons are because they love animals or like me and just want to convert because of the massive water consumption) and not be so offended they leave by lesson three.
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