Losing excess weight

Only registered vegan dietitians can reply to your questions here, but be sure they're specific to your needs!
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Keira Johns
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Hello. I have a bmi of 41 so need to lose excess weight - i’ve converted to vegan for ethical and health reasons, but am looking for a little guidance on how to drop the weight without sacrificing nutrients on a vegan diet. thank you!
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There's a lot of material out there addressing this very question! I'm not a dietician, so I am not in a position to offer any particular advice. However, there are a lot of great vegan dieticians to turn to, some are listed here:
https://vegnews.com/2020/10/here-are-9- ... -following
Also, I am a big fan of Dr. Michael Greger, though some think he's a bit fanatical. He runs nutritionfacts.org and I loved his book How Not to Die. He followed it up with How Not to Diet, another great read. Essentially he subscribes to the idea that if you focus on getting a variety of whole plant foods, you'll crowd out other not so healthy choices, and the change in lifestyle will produce the sustainable weight loss you're looking for.
You may also be interested in this youtube channel which focuses on whole food plant based meals and the associated weight loss journey. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOQJr9 ... ig3r08fm-Q
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Hey Keira,
Welcome to your new life !
You can ask for a dietician to guide here on Vegan Bootcamp ! It's free !

Take care,

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