👋 Need a dietitians advice? Post here!

Only registered vegan dietitians can reply to your questions here, but be sure they're specific to your needs!
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Hi there!,

If you have specific dietary needs or need specific nutritional advice, please create a thread in this forum!

Our dietitians will respond as soon as they can with helpful advice to get you going.

Please only use this forum if it's specific nutritional/dietary questions, for example:

Good questions for our dietitians:
  • How can I meet my dietary needs if I have a soy and nut allergy?
  • I'm losing weight at an alarming rate, what should I be eating?
  • I want to go vegan but my doctor said I can't because I'm anemic?
  • What is a healthy weight range for me and do I need to eat less?
  • My doctor says I'm deficient in Omega 3's, but I'm taking a supplement?
  • I had a low white blood cell count, and my doctor says to consume red meat?
Questions that are better for our Vegan Mentors:
  • Where do I get my protein from?
  • How do I gain weight on a vegan diet?
  • What do I need to supplement as a vegan?
  • Are eating avocados for fat healthy for me?
Our Dietitians are all volunteers with limited time, so we want to make sure that your questions are best suited for them!

Otherwise, our mentors would love to help you with any other questions you might have in going vegan, food related or otherwise. :)

Ask a question for one of our mentors by clicking below!


Thank you so much, and good luck with the bootcamp!