The Seaspiracy Documentary

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Jakob Gerhardt
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kind of new to this. Yesterday I saw the "Seaspiracy" Documentary which gives Insights into how the Marine Ecosystem is devastated by Industrial Fishing and I felt like it was a very strong emotional push in the direction to not eat fish anymore. I'd therefore suggest adding this to the course material regarding fish. However, it is quite grim and does not focus on veganism (but comes to the conclusion that the only thing that can help is to not eat fish) so it might not be a good fit. I feel like this is similar to the "Gamechangers" Documentary, which already has its own course

Kind Regards, Jakob Gehardt
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Emily Brewer
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Hi Jakob,

Thank you for the suggestion! We actually have a whole course dedicated to this documentary currently in the works (similar to our Cowspiracy course), so stay tuned and you should see it very soon :face-happy:

The feedback is very much appreciated. Feel free to continue commenting on these courses with any more suggestions! :tropical-fish: :blowfish: :fish-pisces: :whale-aquatic: :dolphin:

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