Hello Everyone - I am Stephanie : French, Living in Asia

Introduce yourself to the vegan bootcamp community here and tell us a little about yourself and your journey!
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:cat-mouth: Like : cats, reading, writing, eating, yoga, tequila, running, kendo, scuba diving, cooking, bread, cake, wine, good tea, any coffee, chocolate, some people (including my husband & teenage son and a few friends...), Spotify, Netflix and Amazon. :cold-open:
:cat-ohh: Dislike : arguing and being told what to do. :face-grimace:

I turned vegetarian in January 2014 and I am fully Vegan :seedling: since August 14 2019.

Since then :
I believe every single recipe can be veganized, and I joined WTF to do some peaceful and kind activism on Bali beaches.

You can ask me for :
:glowing-star: recipes (French, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Italian, English...), mine or others' that I have actually tried and most probably modified :face-outlined-relaxed: ,
:glowing-star: tips,
:glowing-star: addresses in Bali...

Oh, and apart from being against animal exploitation for food or anything else, I am also massively against single-use-plastic and palm oil.

Voilà ! That's me !


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Hey Stef 🖖

Welcome! Hope you're doing good! You seem to be quite resourceful, that's great! Especially recipe wise! 🤤
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Sydney Rosser
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Hi Stephanie! I'm glad you're here!
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