You can use these forums to talk about anything other then vegan bootcamp! For example.. math... and... the weather?
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Hello everyone 😊! I just have some questions about insects. How a vegan should bahave/treat to insects? Is it right to kill them to protect yourself from diseases or from harming you?
Please answer me!🙏🏿💚✌🏿🌱
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Hello Prothromos,

That's a great question :cold-open: !

Most of the time insects or any other animals will not attack you or try to harm you purposefully, so just leaving them be, or gently and safely displacing them (with a post card and a cup for exemple) is for me a way better solution than killing them ! :face-outlined-relaxed:

Bees, flies, wasps, red ants, spiders, scorpions (not insects but arachnids I include them here just in case !) might sting (only if they have to) but they are actually beautiful and quite fascinating :eye-face-love: ! If you watch them closely and do a little research on them you'll get to feel this way too ! Let me know if you want ressources on that ! You'll find lots of IG accounts like for each of them. They are all part of our ecosystem !

I do have trouble finding cockroaches and poisonous centipedes pretty and they kind of disgust me but I don't see that as a good enough reason for killing them :face-fear: . I put thick kitchen or gardening gloves to take them out (with my cup and postcard method) if I see one inside and I just let them be if they are outdoors.

Mosquitoes do sting and take some blood because the female are hematophageous with an absolute requirement for blood feeding. The females develop and lay a batch of eggs only when they acquire a large enough blood meal. In some counties a few species can indeed transmit diseases such as dengue and malaria etc..A simple way to avoid being bitten killing them is to apply mosquito repellent ! Lemongrass oil, Neem oil or something stronger if you want ! Also by reducing stagnant water around you you'll be able to reduce the amount of mosquitoes...And at night sleeping in a bed with a mosquito net will prevent any insect bites.

I hope it helps !
🌱 :ask:
live, let live, and no harm !
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Awesome answer Stéphanie 😍
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