Only registered vegan dietitians can reply to your questions here, but be sure they're specific to your needs!
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Hi! Just wondering how to balance female hormones with foods. Is Tofu helpful? What else helps? Thank you so much for any help :)
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Hi Kelly!

As far as I am aware one thing that messes with human estrogen (female hormone, which by the way occurs in males as well, but in much smaller quantities) are dairy products. Phyto-estrogen, that comes from plant source like soy beans does not affect humans -this was widely researched. If you stick to healthy, rich in fiber and varied whole food plant based diet your hormones should slowly balance; healthy body is fully capable of regulating hormones :) Worth to mention that females should be consuming some healthy fats, so don't shy from those nuts and seeds, eat enough protein and calories in general. Apparently green tea, cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, kale or cauliflower) and sulfur-rich foods like onions, beans and legumes are good and should be incorporated in your daily diet (they should be anyway as they're super duper healthy ;)). Apart from diet, also regular exercise, reducing stress and enough sleep are all very useful.

Is there anything in particular that you are worried about or do you have any condition that inhibits producing estrogen or testosterone? If so, it might be worth testing your blood first and speaking to your doctor. Hormones can be regulated by simple administrations if your body can't efficiently regulates on its own.

All the best,
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