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Only registered vegan dietitians can reply to your questions here, but be sure they're specific to your needs!
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Gladys Than
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Hello :) i have been vegan for 3 months and i intend to continue this lifestyle. The reason why i went vegan is because i find that it helps to control the severity of my psoriasis. However, i need to get a blood test to ensure that i am fully healthy and my psoriasis is improving. May i knowif there is any specific blood test to order? eg a specific B12 test, immune test for psoriasis. Or just the normal blood test for RBC, WBC, urine test is enough? Thank you so much :)
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Valerie Shepard
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Hi, there! I honestly think the best person to answer this question is your doctor. Being vegan means breaking our ties to an exploitative and abusive system - I don't think we have people who know what to look for in blood work to confirm improvement of any disease, unless someone happens to also be a medical doctor.
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Hey Gladys!

I agree with Valerie and here are some recommendations by London Doctors. ... egan-diet/
I find it easier to talk to a vegan MD about health issues, non-vegan MD will have a tendency on blaming everything on your eating habits.
You can easily find vegan doctors (real doctors) near you on ggle etc...

Take care
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Hi Gladys!
I'm not a nutritionist, but from my experience you can order bloodwork through a primary care physician -- just tell them the specific things you want checked, or the areas of concern. They'll know which tests to order.
Regardless of diet, I think it's good to check things like B12, D, etc once in a while to make sure they're at a good level :)
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