Being Vegan with food sensory issues (Autism)

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Hi Y'all, I was wondering if anyone has any advice for someone who is going vegan with food texture/sensitivity issues. I'm autistic and I'm transitioning to being vegan. I've gathered dishes I cook most and found vegan versions of them so I'm eating fairly normally on a vegan diet, but would still like to introduce more vegetables in my daily food intake instead of relying on processed vegan food. I can eat vegetables if I can't feel it (such as smoothies, pureed soups etc), but I can't eat/drink fruits due to their flavor and texture. I've made progress and can take citrus drinks now, but still can't eat them.

If anyone has a recipe they like that includes blending vegetables, or has advice for my food sensitivity issue, it would be appreciated!
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My best advice is to put them into something else you like until you get used to them! Sometimes it's all about the way you cook foods. For example, I (also autistic btw) can't stand most raw vegetables. I can't eat salads, won't eat celery or carrot sticks with dip, etc. However I've found different ways to cook them that make them easier for me to eat, liike sauteeing spinach in broth (because oil is terrifying </3) or roasting my carrots with other veggies!

The same can apply to fruits as well, perhaps a nice banana bread or cinnamon baked apples, for example!
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